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The principle of “innovation is our tradition” has guided us for decades

Utech Company exclusive representative of smart home products JUNG Germany in Iran, one of the most familiar names in the field of consulting, designing, providing and implementing weak flow systems in buildings residential, office-commercial, industrial, hospital, hotel and airport. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, this collection has always been able to provide the best products in accordance with the latest technology in the world and protection services – safety and intelligent control.
Due to the new lifestyle, buildings are constantly evolving and developing, as much as the control and management of their energy and safety is also important and more considerate…

Activities of Utec Company

  • Intelligent systems under the KNX protocol and the traditional switch and outlet of the German JUNG brand
  • Protection systems including video surveillance systems, theft notification, traffic control, Honeywell brand video door opener
  • Safety systems including fire alarm, Honeywell brand audio and paging systems
  • Honeywell brand integrated building automation and management systems (BMS)

UTECH always seeks to create added value in its projects. This work is possible by using security, unique products, new technologies, distinctive technical and engineering services, creating comfort, facilities and comfort for customers.

Of course, for UTECH, sales is not the end, and after-sales service is the most important principle for customer support.

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You must have heard many times that people talk about watering their greenhouses and gardens by SMS. Today, the phrase "smart home" is repeated incredibly. For years, the issue of making homes, hospitals, offices, and even gardens and greenhouses smart has been discussed.