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Intelligent commercial and administrative centers solution

In recent years and for various reasons, society has entered the digital age. As we know, innovation is one of the success criteria of any business. Smartization is becoming the norm for business and office centers. As a manager of a business department, you always have to think one, two or even five steps ahead. Certainly, every manager seeks to increase maximum productivity. Fortunately, technology exists today to do all of this and support human teams. That’s why you need to create a smart office and building for your business. Utec’s large collection is well aware of the needs of commercial and administrative centers and is by your side with the most up-to-date equipment and technology in the world.

Interesting to know:

The smart office is considered one of the strongest business trends and its growth is expected in the coming years. In 2020, a sales unit of the smart office industry is valued at $33.53 billion. Growth is expected to more than double to $67.69 billion by 2026. Of course, this means that businesses big and small are looking for smart solutions.

As you know, the world has an important environmental challenge and everyone has a chance to do their part. Smart offices are an opportunity to contribute to sustainability using technology. These commercial and office locations can use sensors to make energy more efficient and limit waste with intelligent consumption control.

Heating and air conditioning (HVAC)

Using commercial building smartness, building operators can use thermal sensors and air conditioning automation to adjust the temperature in different areas of their building depending on the type of use. For example, using sensors, a building operator can instruct his BMS to lower the heat in areas of the building that are not currently in use, and then raise the temperature when those areas resume operation. Smart building systems can also be integrated with facility demand response and other smart grid applications.


Smart building operators can save energy by using automation to automatically dim or turn off lights in areas where they are not needed. Utech‘s large collection of equipment is easily compatible with any building and guarantees you optimal energy consumption.


The solution of smart commercial and administrative centers using security “Smart Buildings” a> can be strengthened by using cameras equipped with image recognition and access management systems for the residents of commercial and office premises. For example, cameras can scan license plates and reference them to an internal database to approve or deny entry, automatically opening an entry gate if a match is found.

work environments

The right temperature is not the only ideal environmental condition for employees. Air quality and flow is another thing that increases employee productivity. Poor indoor air quality is associated with various health disorders such as headaches, chronic coughing and sneezing, dizziness, dryness and irritation of the nose, throat, eyes and skin. After prolonged or repeated exposure to poor indoor air quality, these health disorders can lead to serious respiratory problems, cancer, and heart disease. Studies show that low levels of 2 CO improve the cognitive functions of employees. Additionally, by closely monitoring air circulation and filtration, building operators can reduce the risk of their office colleagues getting sick. A concern that has arisen for many employees in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.


Smart building operators can use smart sensors to monitor the performance of back-up power generators, elevators, etc., allowing them to check whether the equipment is healthy or in need of repair. In addition, they can detect the need to repair these devices early, which increases the time of use of these assets and reduces the need for high costs for further repairs.

Lighting control of office and commercial places

The lighting control system of office and commercial places offers unparalleled flexibility in lighting control. Intelligent building control allows all lighting-related functions to be combined in a single system. This system can keep the brightness in a constant range by automatically controlling the lights and curtains. Employees can focus on their work while using minimal electricity for lighting.

Smart curtains

Smart curtain control of commercial and office buildings is an integral part of the building automation control concept. The flexibility to decide whether the light is controlled according to the user’s needs, based on the condition and usage of the room or according to the commands of the building management system (BMS) enables a positive contribution to the level of comfort of the room. and economic savings of the building.

Access and traffic control

The entrance control devices of commercial and office buildings provide the possibility of access control as card readers, faces, etc., these controllers can be installed and integrated with each other inside rooms, offices, halls or other places. or to maximize the security of the building by preventing unwanted people from entering.

Energy saving

The solution of smart commercial and office centers includes different spaces with various uses. Intelligent building automation offers outstanding options to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly operation in offices, shopping malls, classrooms, public areas, seminar rooms, conference centers, health and sports areas, It offers restaurants, kitchens, service areas, outdoor facilities and more.

As a result…

The nature of the modern, smart workplace is rapidly evolving, but the impact of the physical office on business outcomes is well-researched and documented. There is growing evidence that the quality of an office can contribute significantly to a company’s business performance.

According to an article in “Harvard Business Review”, smart companies understand that the workspace is a business tool, and the office environment is a business advantage through the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand and values. reflects and reinforces and can be a strategic differentiator for businesses. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies, which often face more challenges with employee burnout. Therefore, the decision to make the business environment smarter can be a turning point for the success of the managers of these collections.

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