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Utech Group is committed to protecting the privacy of all users of the utechiran.com website. All people can visit the Utec site and use its content without entering information.

Our information about you

The maximum information we request from you is your email address or contact number to communicate and respond to your requests. So if you don’t want to communicate and get information from the company. Your information will not be stored on the Utec website.

IP and cookies

It is possible that the Utec website stores information such as your IP address and browser type for customer management and marketing purposes, this information includes the pattern of your searches on the Internet and is not related to identity disclosure. When you visit the website, cookies with the purpose of personalizing the website content for you will be stored on the system, unless you respond negatively to the cookie message. Of course, you need to know that rejecting cookies may mean that you cannot access parts of the website.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any changes in the privacy policy of the Utec website will be updated and posted in the relevant section for public use. In case of special cases, notification is also done via email.

Cooperate with utechiran

You must have heard many times that people talk about watering their greenhouses and gardens by SMS. Today, the phrase "smart home" is repeated incredibly. For years, the issue of making homes, hospitals, offices, and even gardens and greenhouses smart has been discussed.