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Dear customer/user, please read the conditions and rules section carefully for a better use of Utec services. Note that entering the Utec website and using its parts means accepting the company’s terms and conditions and being aware of it. Utec is always committed to providing the best services and the highest quality products, fully complying with customer-oriented principles, and the purpose of including the terms and rules section is to make users more aware and easier to communicate with this collection.

General Rules

All the principles and procedures of this website are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the laws protecting consumer rights. On the other hand, the user is also obliged to comply with the relevant laws. In a situation where any of the mentioned clauses are invalidated, it is illegal and it is necessary for the parties to take action to cancel it.

Website Terms of Use

When choosing products and services, the customer must carefully and completely read the information contained in the relevant sections and then proceed with the order. The customer is responsible for any mistakes in this regard.

All contents uploaded on the website, including: texts, images, logos, downloadable files, catalogs, etc., belong to Utec and any use without obtaining the consent of this collection will be prosecuted.

All the products listed on the Utec website have a warranty and it can be used only when the customer presents the warranty of the product (subject to the validity date) to the company.

Utek company is responsible for ensuring the safety of the goods until they reach the specified destination of the customer (in the country). Utec is not responsible for product damage due to installation by other people or improper maintenance, etc.

It will be possible to enter into a contract for the sale of products and the provision of services only in accordance with the provisions set forth in the contractual statements of this company.


All products supplied between 24 and 48 months are guaranteed by Utec Group. To find out about the warranty period of each product, you can contact our consultants at Utec during working hours.

Company Obligations

The company is committed to send the products to the customer at the specified time. This paragraph is also true regarding the implementation of projects on time.

The quality and originality of all products is the commitment of the company.

The company provides the customer with all the necessary information including text, image and catalog in electronic form to advertise the product.

All the products subject to the contract will be sent to the customer in the quantity and according to the technical specifications ordered.

Document changes

According to the conditions and policies of the company, the terms and conditions may change. Therefore, it is necessary to read again before applying or placing an order.

Utec Companion

It should be noted that for the sake of you, dear customers, Utec consultants will be by your side in explaining all the above matters and possible ambiguities, with the contact numbers listed on the website.

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