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Smart garden and green space

Smartization is not only limited to a personal home and you can also smarten outdoor spaces such as gardens and yards. Gardens give a special freshness to the home and making them smart means reducing a lot of work. With smart devices, it is possible to trim the grass on time and ensure the flawless growth of the plants.

You can get the daily weather report, water the plants and start the lawnmower automatically.

Sensors installed in gardens inform you of soil moisture and the presence of pests and the success rate of spraying. Also, smart pots have an automatic program for watering plants and do not need human intervention for up to a month.

But if you are deprived of the possibility of having an outdoor garden, you can use special devices that will provide you with the conditions of the garden and the amount of moisture necessary for the growth of plants. These small smart gardens can grow plants that are not at all compatible with your living environment in terms of climate!

It may seem that smart systems that are installed on buildings are only for educated people with high income, but it is not like that and smart systems are for all ages. The purpose of intelligent systems is to make life easier for everyone.

One of the most important functions of smart devices is to reduce stress: because when you have everything under control even when you are not at home, one of the most important factors of your anxiety will disappear. went In the near future, homes will often be made smart during construction, and the ability to update tools will only incur software costs.

Now if you are interested in making your home smart, we have some suggestions for you:

1. Preparing a smart speaker will help you access other smart devices in your home and start all the devices with “voice and voice commands”. Google and Amazon speakers are among the most popular smart speakers that provide many services for you.

2. Making home lamps smart does not take much time and is relatively inexpensive. Turning on and off and adjusting the light of the lamps is done using sound or applications that can be installed on the mobile phone.

3. Installing smart plugs that use Wi-Fi to receive your commands will significantly reduce your electricity costs.

4. Installing a smart iPhone on the door of your home has this advantage for you to receive a report of your surroundings and if you are not at home, it will notify you.

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You must have heard many times that people talk about watering their greenhouses and gardens by SMS. Today, the phrase "smart home" is repeated incredibly. For years, the issue of making homes, hospitals, offices, and even gardens and greenhouses smart has been discussed.