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Solution of smart healthcare centers

health centers and smart therapy is one of the most urgent and perhaps the most difficult tasks in the world, which costs a lot of money annually. Utec’s large collection has provided high-quality systems to hospital buildings. It doesn’t matter whether these systems are used in hospitals, clinics or clinics, Utec’s large collection has long been synonymous with quality in the field of electrical systems and equipment.

A safe and comfortable space for patients, favorable working conditions for doctors and ease of work for nurses. The implementation of electronic systems in hospitals has always required the use of different equipment and technologies. You can trust the hospital systems of Utec’s large collection that can be installed in hospitals, operating rooms and medical offices.

patient room

The patient’s hospitalization period should be accompanied by maximum comfort. All connections of beds with hospital systems should be done in the best way. Utec’s large collection has considered all these needs. On the one hand, these systems provide maximum comfort to the patient, and on the other hand, they give the hospital personnel the greatest amount of freedom.


In order for the duration of the patient’s hospitalization to be as comfortable as possible, private and single rooms must have high-level comfort features. These features include the required connections, with the highest quality. For charging smartphones, a socket equipped with a USB port is considered an ideal option because it does not interfere with the use of a socket. This outlet has an output power of about 3000 milliamps. Patients and staff can provide the best lighting conditions using the large set of Utec F40 switches. Functions such as adjusting the intensity of light and opening and closing the curtains are done easily and in the shortest possible time.

  • safe sockets according to din 42 801 with sufficient security
  • Sockets with connection protection
  • Sockets with performance display
  • door sockets
  • and ….

Lamps and LEDs

In unfamiliar spaces such as hospitals and clinics, patients need help to feel more comfortable. Utec’s large collection has unique equipment for smart healthcare centers: LED indicator lamps that show the way to the bathroom, for example, so you can keep large ceiling lights off at night. .

Indicator lights with brightness sensor

These lights are available in different colors. The lamp itself has a white color that consumes only 0.5 watts of energy. But the lamps light the way well for the patient and save energy at the same time.

Socket with indicator lights

These lamps are also available in combination with sockets. Energy consumption is 0.5 W and this outlet is equipped with a light sensor.

plug & light

This piece consists of a socket for the lamp, a frame and the lamp. For example, the lighting of the wall decor can play the role of a reading lamp.

Projector LED

This projector can freely change its angle up to 90 degrees and rotate in 360 degrees, which is a great advantage of this system in hospital activities.

Spotlight LED

This piece can also easily change direction. This means it will quickly be at its best.

Emergency systems

It is a complete system for calling for assistance throughout the hospital. This system consists of a caller piece, a push button, a recovery button and a power supply. which reduces communication in medical centers to the minimum possible time.

operating rooms

Patient safety is the highest priority in the operating room. The large collection of Utech by providing ideal products in this field, assures doctors and personnel to fully focus on their patients.

This equipment includes direct power supply to protected sockets. In hospitals, according to the situations, there are different needs for the power supply system. The parts used by Utec’s large collection are equipped with protectors and prevent electrical connection between devices, thus providing safe use for doctors and personnel. These products have a door for covering, which, along with an LED display and increasing safety in the operating room, are also easy to use. Due to having a special and waterproof place, the personnel can easily find the outlet they want.

Antibacterial equipment

The silver ions used in the AS500 series have a great impact on the growth rate of bacteria and microbes and prevent the growth of microorganisms. This series of products are ideal for use in hospitals.

Public places

Wide coverage of WLAN, proper lighting and installation of the required components make it easier to use the public areas of hospitals such as: waiting rooms, reception and cafes, and in this way it becomes easier for everyone to stay in the hospital.

KNX in hospitals

In the future, all clinics will rely on KNX technology. In a smart hospital, all functions are connected to each other under the network and controlled centrally. In this way, the economic aspect, welfare and energy saving are improved.


The need to smarten medical centers, clinics and hospitals, etc. is inevitable. The concentration and efficiency of the staff and doctors, patient satisfaction, etc. all depend on the use of facilitating equipment. Smart hospitals create added value by systematically addressing the key drivers of each treatment center. Smartening these centers focuses on optimizing costs and energy efficiency, improving patient outcomes, increasing staff productivity, complying with changing laws, etc. This comprehensive approach makes smart hospital solutions the answer to mastering today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

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