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Smart Hotel Solution

Sure, a comfortable bed and hot shower can make you feel relaxed, but a hotel can provide you with more than just a place to rest. Hotels are getting smarter in new ways, with thoughtful guest experiences that create a more lasting impression. One solution is for guests to have complete control over how their room is run, without having to manually adjust devices to adjust temperature, air conditioning or lighting.

In this regard, a smart hotel can offer the use of entertainment devices with voice control, or provide the possibility of using room services without the need of accompanying another person. These are the things that generally increase the guests’ comfort and enjoyment of their stay, leave unforgettable memories in their minds and increase the probability of their return in the future.

Ways of smartening the hotel

With the use of Utec’s large collection of systems, guests feel comfortable and trust the hotel to protect their health. Take care of your guests with this innovative system. Although it may take some time to invest in smart hotels, in the end you can make more profit with a smart hotel than your competitors. In the following, we will learn more about smart hotel solutions.

Smart room control

  1. Feeling comfortable when entering and leaving the room with effective communication between the guest and the hotel staff
  2. Favorable climate with the possibility of separately adjusting the cold and heat of the rooms
  3. Fast access using the best WLAN system and reliable communication between guests and staff
  4. Creating relaxation in the bathroom space.. from standard to luxury features
  5. Creating favorable conditions in the room using the continuous activity of the devices
  6. and ……..

Adding control of private rooms is one of the common methods for Smartization of hotel rooms. For example, hotel room lights, air conditioners, heating, and curtains can be controlled via smart phone, tablet, smart speaker, smart hub, and from any centralized location. Some hotels allow guests to control the room thermostat through their phone, and the room temperature is automatically adjusted by the device. Also, devices such as lighting with voice control are expanding.

Public parts

You will experience a flawless stay with attention to various details and the use of innovative systems and solutions from the large Utec collection.

  1. Continuous illumination of paths with proper use of lighting systems
  2. Creating ideal conditions using the required equipment in meeting and conference halls
  3. Unique aesthetics
  4. Up-to-date design
  5. Controlled access to the hotel entrance

Entertainment with voice control

Hubs and smart speakers can be connected to entertainment devices in the hotel room. For example, guests can use voice commands to turn the TV on or off and even change TV channels from anywhere in the room. However, the concept can be further advanced to the point where guests can use voice control to play playlists through smart speakers or show their favorite movies. Finally, the system helps guests feel comfortable, as devices can be controlled from anywhere in the room.

Fast service to guests

In a smart hotel, the ability to connect devices to hotel services is available. Mainly, these services can be room service, food or beverage service, reservation of sports class in the hotel gym, massage sessions and other hotel guest services. In such a way that guests use voice commands or just click on the touch screen when ordering room service.

environmentally friendly

Many customers like the concept of environmental protection and are ready to use more environmentally friendly hotels. By saving energy, these hotels can earn more while paying less. Because intelligentization provides this possibility through automatic energy saving. For example, a room automatically adjusts the light level by dimming or dimming another lamp to save more energy and in turn save money.

As a result…

Going the route of smart hotels provides a great way for hotels to take advantage of this technology. At a time when the hospitality industry is heavily influenced by public trust, hotels must come up with innovative solutions that ensure guest safety and encourage them to trust brands and provide them with an experience. They will never forget. In addition, these solutions make life easier for employees!

You can start your hotel business successfully with the help of Utec’s large collection of intelligentization specialists. The specialists of Utec’s large collection of smart hotel solutions know exactly what you want.

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