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Smart apartment, house and villa solution

In general, the definition of a smart building revolves around buildings that use technology to quickly disseminate information between building systems in order to optimize performance and create easy and hassle-free experiences for building occupants. When you are not smart in your apartment, house and villa, small doubts can occupy your mind. Did I turn off the lights? Have I set a security alarm? Did I leave the heater on? With a smart home, with a quick glance at your smartphone, you can check if everything is fine and turn off the lights, activate the security system and set the heating to the level you want. Although there are many types of smart buildings, all these technology-equipped homes have one thing in common: they stand out for their residents and guests due to their modern and unique features, as well as their customized solutions for any need. They are desirable.

The smartening of houses, apartments and villas solve today’s concerns about health and safety needs, better ventilation and air quality to reduce the spread of viruses and the need to use building equipment easily and with less touch. The large collection of Utech, with the latest equipment and experienced professionals, identifies your needs and provides the best solutions according to your facilities.

Invest in the future of smart living

Smart home solutions are redefining the way we live in our homes. A smart home uses the power of intelligence to save money, energy and time. On the other hand, it increases comfort and quality of life.

  • Connect
  • Protect
  • and interact

so easily

Home, apartment or villa security

With smart home monitoring, you can leave your home without fear of theft or damage. The smart home security system allows you to monitor your home anywhere and anytime. In addition, smart systems have a set of sensors that detect suspicious activities and warn the owner.

This device has door and window sensors, motion detection system and video cameras that are constantly active.

  • Surveillance of residence at any place and time
  • Prevention of potential intruders
  • Management and safety of home appliances

Intelligent lighting system

Smart lighting is an important component of the solution. It is home automation or intelligence. By using smart lighting, you can adjust the lighting conditions and color according to your wish. In addition, this system has the ability to automatically adjust according to natural light conditions. Just by touching your mobile phone or smart watch, create a perfect and calm environment in your room. You can also turn off the lights when you leave the room.

  • Automatic lighting of rooms
  • Adjust the lighting conditions with the desired amount of light
  • Using different lighting colors

Temperature control

Using the smart apartment, house and villa solution, you can adjust the desired temperature of your room with maximum comfort. Many smart home systems have this feature that allows you to make changes to the thermostat using voice commands. Meanwhile, in many other home automation systems, you can manage the thermostat with just one click and touch of your mobile phone or smart watch.

  • Desirable comfort
  • Advanced measurement
  • Saving the system preference algorithm

A different entertainment experience

Redefine your entertainment with home automation technology. Adjust your music systems and TV channels so that your favorite music list or TV program can be played on your smartphone with just one simple command. Audio and video systems equipped with smart technology provide excellent sound quality.

Install smart speakers to play sound in every corner of the house.

  • Smart speakers
  • Video playback control
  • Smart TV

Prevention of incidents in apartments, houses and smart villas

Sometimes it happens that there is a leak or electrical problem, but we usually notice these things when the situation has worsened. In such situations, smart home solutions will come to your aid because it continuously monitors the home equipment and informs its owners if necessary. Using smart home automation solutions, diagnose device failure, electrical problems, plumbing leaks, etc.

  • reducing repair costs
  • Control of electrical equipment
  • preventing piping leaks


We are all looking for a better life and our definition of a better life is different. But the common thing in a better life is comfort. Smart apartment, house and villa solutions help homeowners to feel more comfortable than ever. Not only for home owners but also for builders who want to offer this technology. When you offer smart home technology as a manufacturer, you give your customers what they’re looking for. This will help you get ahead of your competitors and feel the ultimate impact and satisfaction of your customers.

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