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In this section, we will answer the frequently asked questions of our dear companions. Stay with Youtech.

How to use JUNG products from Do we use our interior space optimally?

Considering that Jung’s switches and sockets support multiple functions, you can save on using your interior space and reduce costs by installing a limited number of switches and sockets, especially Jung’s switches and sockets. .

What are the services of Utec company?

In our service section, you can learn more about the services of Utec‘s large collection.

How to file a complaint about Utec services?

You can send all your comments and suggestions in the contact form.

How can we get acquainted with examples of Utech projects?

In the project section of the site, you can check all the internal projects of the large group Utec and the global projects of Yung company.

Where to download the product catalog?

In the product description section of the site, you can get the catalogs for each series of products.

You can get complete information about the switches and sockets by referring to the site’s products and choosing the design series you want. This Yung site also provides a more complete reference of all products.

Cooperate with utechiran

You must have heard many times that people talk about watering their greenhouses and gardens by SMS. Today, the phrase "smart home" is repeated incredibly. For years, the issue of making homes, hospitals, offices, and even gardens and greenhouses smart has been discussed.